These are the creators of Cali Jam.

Cheza Inc.

CHEZA is Swahili for “Let’s Dance”. Our charity works to improve the quality of life in our community. Low self-esteem, stress, obesity, and hypertension devastate families and communities. CHEZA uses social, entertaining group exercise alternatives like “soul line dancing” in a “no fault”, supportive, family atmosphere to help people take control of their health, their lives and their dreams.

J&J Soulful Steps

J & J is truly a family affair. Jackie and I met dancing over 35 years ago, and have been line dancing for over 18 years, thanks to the amazing Belinda Haywood and the wonderful staff that makes up Festival at Sea. We have followed all of the recommended exercise programs, we joined various health clubs, walked or ran in the morning, tried yoga and everything else. The only problem is that we found if you don’t love it you won’t do it every day. We realized that we love to dance, and that the best shape of our lives was when we were partying and dancing a couple of nights each week. So that is why we started J & J Soulful Steps, to have fun, to exercise, get in shape and to share our love of line dancing.

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